Hoping for a more honest post-General Election conversation on Immigration.

Given Mr Redwood has resigned, I thought I’d post what for me, was a very memorable BBC Any Questions appearance right back in November 2018 (clip from episode below).

It’s the only time I met him, and make up your mind on our exchange regarding Brexit. When listening, remember that we didn’t end up with a no deal, but something a bit worse than was on the table at this time. And we certainly have many more facts now!

More telling, however, was his insult, giving me permission to live in the UK (listen three-quarters through the clip).

It is this attitude that I believe has formed our hostile approach to immigration. Right-wing entitled politicians like Redwood  “accept” people who they perceive are ‘fine’ and they allow them into their club as long as they also become xenophobes. We know who many of them are.

Thank you John for giving me your approval, but I’m not in the club.

I am however incredibly thankful for the opportunities the UK has offered me since I arrived as an immigrant in 1974. It felt quite hostile when our family first arrived, but it was a pleasure to see the progress made over several decades and our country becoming so much more open and inclusive. It has also been incredibly sad to have seen this reverse and become more hostile again since Brexit.

My real reason for positing this now, is that I hope after this General Election this July 4th, immigration is one of the topics we can tackle with much more honesty and compassion.