Many thanks for visiting my site. The purpose of my work is to help provide leadership, encouragement, critique and thought leadership for UK’s policies and activities aimed at creating greater prosperity and to ‘level up’ our northern regions.

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I’m a British-Austrian national and a UK Industrialist. I moved to the UK in 1974 and am a UK graduate engineer from Nottingham Trent University. Currently I am Chair of the Digital Catapult, Co-Chair of the national Made Smarter manufacturing programme and Vice-Chair of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership. I’m the former CEO of Siemens UK having worked for the organisation for 33 years. I also sit on the Governing Board of Nottingham Trent University and work closely with the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University a visiting Professor of both.

I am a passionate advocate for a new post-covid politics and economics, which should provide stronger leadership for innovation and technology led ‘frontier industries’ and industrial tech start-ups. I believe these should gain significantly more support as part of UK’s Industrial Strategy and greater recognition as our national high productivity industries and prosperity engines. Above all, the 4th Industrial Revolution these frontier industries create, must be more inclusive and responsible, create opportunities for all and be a force for re-balancing our economy.

Please have a look at my thoughts in the blog’s and media pieces on this site and I very much look forward to your input and comments.

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